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    May 22 Referee&Starter clinic 8am-9am. Stroke & Turn-9am-11am@ LittleNeck

    June 1st -Afternoon Practice Begins

    June 3rd- Aquawear 3-6pm for suits etc.

    June 14th -Jr. Dolphins Begin

    June 14th- Morning Practice Begins

    June 19th-Princess Anne @ MCC SWIM MEET

    June 26th- Larkspur @ MCC SWIM MEET

    July 6th-MCC@Broad Bay SWIM MEET

    July 10th-NYCC@MCC SWIM MEET

    July 20th- MCC@ Indian Lakes SWIM MEET

    July 24th- Chesapeak Golf CC @ MCC SWIM MEET

    The rest of the season TBD

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